Area & Weather

Nestled between the Sapphire Mountains on the east and the Bitterroot Mountains on the west, the Bitterroot Valley is bisected by the Bitterroot River running the length of the valley. The shelter of the mountains results in a moderate year-round climate earning the valley the nickname “The Banana Belt of Montana” offering unsurpassed beauty all along the 96-mile stretch of valley.

woodpeckersThe Moraine is 60 miles south of the international airport in Missoula, Montana and half way between Hamilton and Darby. The Moraine rests at 4,100 feet elevation and the valley floor is about 3,500 feet. Annual rainfall is about 15”. Winters produce about 72” of snowfall more or less and considerably more at higher elevations. This milder climate makes it possible to get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of The Bitterroot, all year round.